Don Coen, Seattle Cows airbrush acrylic on canvas 84x144

seattle cows airbrush acrylic on canvas 84x144


paintings by DON COEN

To celebrate rural America without a trace of western art cliche is a challenging and lifelong pursuit for any artist. Don Coen has spent his lifetime capturing the sometimes quiet, yet always insistent character of the rural west through large scale and somewhat photo realistic acrylic paintings that mesmerize through their dynamic portrayal of the commonplace.

The Lamar Series is the visual poetry chronicling every day rural America. Absorbing the forgotten and mundane details of farm and ranch life, these fifteen oversized canvases convert the ordinary and overlooked into powerful statements of universal realization and intense reverence for life. The chemistry of the farm fields and the grain feeders are conveyed through many levels of personalities, both bullish and passive, bored and content, always expressing the complex dualities that characterize the west.