Kathleen Day Coen, Petrachan Triumphs on Yummy Fur and Tourists in Aristotles Centered Universe

petrachan triumphs on yummy fur and tourists on aristotle's centered universe c-prints 32x32 2004


recent photographs by KATHLEEN DAY-COEN

Kathleen Day-Coen's artistic tools include a Hasselblad camera, an assortment of new and vintage slide projectors, and a collection of 7,000 slides of her own photographs, artworks in museum collections, pictures shot out of books, and one slide found in an old projector she bought at a garage sale. Employing a conceptual mix of feminism, Jungian psychology, postmodern appropriation, cultural anthropology, physics, and serendipity, Day-Coen creates new images by merging two visual sources'sometimes her own straight photography, often iconic images sampled from centuries of art history, sometimes cosmological charts or the traces of subatomic particles. In Mashups and Remixes, the first full showing of this body of Day-Coen's work, Jackson Pollock meets polarized light; a cave painting meets Michelangelo; Mount Olympus meets a hotel escalator; Chartres Cathedral meets a uranium reaction; tourists meet an Aristotelian universe. Centuries connect. Space collapses. Icons battle or make peace or stare at each other across time. Images fuse to create something entirely new, elusive, charged, full of rhyme and rhythm.

Mashups and Remixes was curated by Colleen Sheehy of the Weisman Museum.

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