incidental group show


incidental curated by Michael Fallon

Jill Daves Alexis Kuhr Trever Nicholas Andy Powell Lynn Tomaszewski

reception 6:00—10:00pm thursday august 10

show runs from august 10 to september 30

Art is best when it is not about anything in particular but happens to be about everything at once. Art is most worthy when it is composed of uncontrolled marks and random observances that explore the very locus of humans in the universe, when it dabbles with the trifles that make life worth living, when it lifts up all that is banal, tacky, and incidental to the same level as the luminous.

Such incidental art is deceptively simple, and wholly serious about its simplicity. This art is akin to the human race itself, a middling creature that is capable, under certain conditions, of the most divinely beautiful acts. Such art comes in many guises, uses strategies and materials most often not associated with artistic gravitas, and presents visions and reveries that disguise their transcendent nature to all but the most receptive.

The five artists in Incidental are witness to the profound power of the insignificant individual act, the tossed off yet momentous gesture, the discarded yet fabulous geegaw. Incidental art maybe says something about the zeitgeist, or maybe it says nothing at all.

And that's why I love incidental art.

Michael Fallon