Stacy Meyer, Topei Fight in Silver II, 2004

topei fight in silver II oil on canvas 24x72 2004


recent paintings by STACEY E. MEYER

Gallery Co presents Objects of Desire, a new exhibition featuring oil paintings by artist Stacey Elizabeth Meyer, a recent University of Minnesota MFA graduate, and 1996 MCAD graduate.

Objects of Desire are self-portraits combining figures and abstractions, in rich, deeply layered, dream-like scenes. Meyer employs birds, elephants, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, hippos, a cheetah, an ostrich, a hyena, and a dung beetle; images of animals influencing her while on safari in Kenya. These images are idealized representations of self.

The wild animal images allow her to create self-portraits while limiting the inherent vulnerability in representing self. Each painting shimmers with earth metals: silver, bronze graphite, gold. They are minimal and calm palettes occasionally splashed with contrasting color.