local implications 65x58 and nocturne for cachaito 56x52 oil on canvas 2005

local implications, 65x58 and nocturne for cachaito, 56x52 oil on canvas 2005


recent paintings by DAVID RICH

The new paintings of local artist and MCAD teacher David Rich combine the physicality and immediacy of urban landscape with the openness, layered improvisation, and thought-provoking juxtapositions of abstract painting. They evoke glimpses of warehouses, water, evening light, and dance-like configurations of shadows. The paintings are hybrid spaces which evoke both the external world of the street, and an intimate sense of lived experience within the body.

The paintings are densely layered and decisively edited, resulting in compositions that feel solid and rooted, yet open and breathing. Shapes group together and lock in, setting up a spatial structure which shifts as the implied connections assert an alternate read at a slower, cumulative pace. The paintings are informed by a direct painting process, with a pronounced sense of fluidity and interdependence. In this work, resolution is the sense that everything is necessary and nothing is extra. Configurations of light punctuate dark passages, which shift from reading as spaces to solid forms in close proximity to the viewer. The paintings are psychologically charged, yet have a contemplative aspect; they articulate the disjunctive spaces of everyday life, taking on the visceral density of experience in compressed form.